Mrs. Twaddle


Speech & Language - Mrs. Maria Twaddle

Mrs. Maria Twaddle is certified and licensed as a speech therapist. She is also certified as a learning disabilities teacher. Mrs. Twaddle works with children that have speech and language needs. In addition, she offers academic support for students in the early primary grades. Children needing Mrs. Twaddle’s services are identified through a screening process, through teacher identification, and parent request. Once children are identified with specific speech/language or academic needs, they are seen once or twice a week in small groups or individually.

Mrs. Twaddle also conducts a weekly language program for grades K through Second. The “TALK” time program involves extending listening skills, developing vocabulary, thinking/reasoning skills, and expressive language development. During TALK time class, Mrs. Twaddle also teaches Spanish vocabulary and elementary Spanish phrases.

Mrs. Twaddle is also available to do special testing to identify children that may need added academic support.


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