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Cub Scout Pack 32 is chartered by St. Agnes Parish and is part of national Boy Scouts of America. Within that organization we are a part of the Lincoln Home district, which is part of the Abraham Lincoln Council.

Cub Scout Ranks

Within Pack 32, you have levels of rank, each associated with the grade level of the Scout.

  • Bobcat – The first rank every Cub Scout earns, regardless of grade.
  • Tiger Cub - Starts upon graduation of KG through First Grade
  • Wolf Cub - Second Grade
  • Bear Cub - Third Grade
  • Webelos 1 - Fourth Grade
  • Webelos 2 - Fifth Grade - 1/2 year then graduate to Boy Scouts.

Interested in being a Cub Scout or a Volunteer?

You can join Cub Scouts at anytime from 1-5 grade. You will immediately be placed within your own rank and boys your class. Rank is grade based. In addition, anyone can join Pack 32 from the School, Parish or outside the St. Agnes Family as well.

To join scouts you simply complete an application, pay the small 1st year fee and buy a uniform. After the first year, you can earn your yearly dues through fund raising and never have any additional out of pocket expense. We do not want cost to be a barrier for joining Pack 32, so if your boy is interested, we will work with you to make sure he becomes a scout.

Adults - Plenty of Volunteer Opportunities exist at the Pack and Den levels with various time commitments. Anyone who has a an interest in Scouts is welcome to volunteer.

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