Mrs. Caveny


Library - Mrs. Dawn Caveny

My name is Mrs. Dawn Caveny and as the new librarian I am looking forward to delving into many new books with the PreK- 8th grade students this school year. The school collection offers 12 Kindles and over 8,000 shelved books. Wow! That is an exciting amount of reading journeys to travel and explore!

Students will visit the library once a week to enjoy read-alouds, learn library skills and have independent reading time. Students are offered reading quizzes through the Scholastic Reading Counts Program to promote reading for a purpose and check their reading comprehension. Older students may participate in the "Reading With Friends" Book Club throughout the school year to enjoy eating and chatting about a book they've read in common. All students are encouraged to set independent reading goals at the beginning of the school year and then periodically self- check to make sure he/she is on track in reaching personal goals set.


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