Mrs. Stuewe


6A - Mrs. Rita Stuewe

Sixth grade brings new responsibilities to students. Their academics requires that they become more independent learners. Time management and organization are key skills for success. Some of the “fun” activities in sixth grade include being “Big Brothers and Big Sisters” to kindergarten students. We attend and help them understand the school Liturgies and share in monthly activities. Students also continue lessons in Shurley English, the language program, brings excitement with the reciting of jingles to help remember concepts and classify sentences in a way that makes English interesting.

Science goals at the middle school level involve exploring the world around us through accurate observations and application of common sense. The Harcourt Science series used by grades five and six allows access to the entire science text. Science opens up to students a unique world of learning — God's creation.

"Whenever we go into the mountains, or indeed into any of God's wild fields, we find more than we seek." - John Muir

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Ms. Stefanie Siwak

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