Mrs. Steinkruger


5A - Mrs. Jessica Steinkruger

Welcome to 5A! In 5th grade students are becoming more independent in preparation for Jr. High. In Religion, the students will be focusing for the most part on the seven Sacraments. Students will acquire a more in depth understanding of each of the individual Sacraments. They will also be studying the Saints. In Science, the students will learn about processes that change Earth, matter and energy, forces and motion, and living things. They will become competent in these topics through class labs, general discussion, and hands on activities. The use of STEM activities are also a favorite addition to the Science curriculum. In Math, students will continue to review their math facts as well as begin learning new concepts. Some of the new concepts being taught are a more extensive understanding of place value, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, measurement, and geometry. Students will be able to practice their math computation skills with children in other countries through a program called Mathletics.

Classroom Aide:
Ms. Stefanie Siwak

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