Mrs. Vogt


4A - Mrs. Denise Vogt

Welcome to 4A! Our motto is “Take a deep breath and show what you know.” Throughout the course of the school year, students will be actively engaged in various activities and projects that will provide a hands-on approach to learning. These activities include using our SmartBoard to classify sentences, continuing to develop English skills in Shurley English and practicing weekly spelling words. In Social Studies, students will have an opportunity to study in depth one of the 50 states that will conclude with a presentation of all the projects at the end of the year. Students will learn how to outline and use this skill across the curriculum. Fourth graders will continue to renew their faith through Religion by focusing on and studying the 10 Commandments, prayers, and practicing Peace Building skills. These are skills that will help guide the students towards becoming more responsible and independent individuals. Reading will take us to many different and exciting places throughout the course of the school year. Students will have the opportunity to create monthly book reports that will cover many different genres.

Classroom Aide:
Ms. Stefanie Siwak

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